Power Washing & Pressure Washing Services Dublin

We provide professional power washing and pressure washing services in Dublin. We provide various types of garden cleaning services with competitive prices. Choose Dublin Garden Solutions for all your garden cleaning needs. Feel free to call us today for a fast quote on 087 771 5068.

What is the difference between power washing and pressure washing services?

Many of our customer use terms power washing with pressure washing interchangeably, but do you know main difference between those two that makes power washing more powerful choice for estra tough exterior cleaning jobs like parking garages or other outdoor spaces?

Power washing, similarly to pressure washing, uses a pressurised stream of water to clean any dirt or stains from a different surface such as concrete and brick. However, power washing gives greater results by heating the water used to clean the dirt.

What’s the benefit of heated water? It’s simple - using heated water is that it creates a much more efficient clean effect when compared to unheated water. That helps especially when working with salt or even weeds.

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